By producing the certificate of disability, you get an admission discount in this facility. Some facility expands discount to his/her CareGiver. Enjoy your time in Japan!

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Toshima_ku, Tokyo



Admission for Adults

¥ 600

Admission for Handycapped or Disabled persons

¥ 300

Admission for Assistant

¥ 0

Discount Rate(Handycapped + Assistant)

75 %

Total Discount Amount(Handycapped + Assistant)

( 600 x 2 = 1200) ( 300 + 0 = 300) 900


Services for Handycapped of the LocalPlace

Half price for visitors with disabilities and free entry for one attendant.

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PPHC+97 Tokyo

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Link to Addmission Page with discount for disabled
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Admission for adults | Admission for Handycapped or Disabled persons | Admission for Assistant(CareGiver)


・Official Site Page says Discounts for Handycapped(Not limitted in only Japanese). We quoted the phrases. If you have Handycap, you can Enjoy this Discount Service.
・Before you buy regular ticket, ask the staff there about discount by showing your CERTIFICATE of disability.
・Only discount infos are listed, so please check operation time ,access and barrierfree on Official Page. If you find yourself in difficulty about this page or this facility / spot, please leave comments on this page. We'll investigate and ask this facility / spot on behalf of you.

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